Thursday, 4 January 2018

My Name Is Ahed Al Tamimi

"As long as there is a generation like me that can prove to the occupier that we are strong, and that we wil resist, then there's of course hope that we will be freed".

Living in occupied Palestine, means you'll wake up in the middle of the night to find bunch of soldiers searching your house for no reason, just to say "we are still here", those people seek attention and trouble, and dare u fight back.


we have 16 y/o girls like Ahed Tamimi locked up in israeli prisons for slapping bigger armed soldiers on her property, violating her basic human rights.. where’s the feminist uproar? but fuck things that actually matter, go grow out your armpit hair and draw clitorises everywhere.

The full story of Ahed Tamimi's arrest
Ahed Tamimi, a 16-year-old girl was arrested by Israeli forces and may spend 10 years in jail for slapping an Israeli soldier in her village. This is the whole story behind that viral video.

The lessons #Israel is teaching #AhedTamimi & all #Palestinians: our lives matter, your lives do not; we can shoot, beat, harass & humiliate you, but you cannot slap us;  and therefore know that we are above you & can operate w/ impunity & you must accept it or be punished

Both Ahed Tamimi and Yifat Alkobi were questioned for slapping a soldier in the West Bank, but little else about their cases are similar — simply because one is Jewish, the other Palestinian.

If 16 yr-old Ahed Tamimi were standing up to soldiers of US enemies, she'd be a national hero. Because she (bravely) confronts soldiers of a US client state, @Newsweek sees nothing wrong w profiling her "long history of assault against police and soldiers." What an embarrassment.Aaron Maté added,
Ben Norton
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Replying to @Newsweek
The US media loves victim blaming 16-year-old Palestinians who have grown up their entire life, and have seen their loved ones shot, under a brutal, murderous, and blatantly illegal, decades-long military occupation that is bankrolled by the US government.


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