Thursday, 4 January 2018

Palestinians say #Jerusalem 'not for sale' after Trump aid threat

Nikki lives in an alternative universe. The American people didn't vote to have our embassy moved. Nikki unilaterally decided that she speaks for the American people. Most Americans could not find #Jerusalem on a map. An act of a war monger, she is on the wrong side of everything

Israeli Armed Occupation Forces have just broken in the compound of the Al Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. All hell will now break loose #AlAqsa #AlQuds #Jerusalem #Palestine

Imagine. India sided against US and Israel on #Jerusalem resolution vote at the #UN. Now, Palestine envoy in Pakistan poses with global terrorist Hafiz Saeed in Military Capital of Pakistan - Rawalpindi. Is this how they pay back? India’s biggest diplomatic mistake undoubtedly.

Quite brilliant 😬
A shoe store in #Ramallah decided to deal with #Balfour declaration and Trump's decision on #Jerusalem , with genuine rules.

This is good evidence that Trump admstrtion doesnt care about #Iran & free speech. Rather we seem to be carrying out Israel’s plan to destabilize every country in the Mideast except #Israel This is dangerous stuff
  #Palestine #Jerusalem


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