Sunday, 31 December 2017

Save the lives of children in Palestine from infectious diseases

My name is Baker Shabet, I am a 29 years-old, married and I have two daughters, I live in Palestine-Gaza that war-torn, I hold a bachelor's degree in Nursing and now I am working in children hospital in Gaza,
A Palestinian child in the intensive care unit, breathing with a mechanical ventilator.

In Palestine, especially the Gaza Strip, there has been a total siege for more than 10 years, there are several disasters that have resulted from this suffocating siege, including pollution of water and food.

This has led to bacteria and viruses transmission to children, this quickly turns into disease such as gastroenteritis which lead to dehydration, general poisoning and then death,
Also to respiratory diseases that lead to a failure in lung function and a complete respiratory failure leading to death and to very bad results.

A child suffering from acute Bronchiolitits and breathing with the help of the oxygen mask.

That's why I decided to help these children through my experience as a registered nurse
Through the creation of health awareness videos and published it through Facebook to a target group of mothers in the Gaza Strip, Palestine, the region most affected by these diseases and explain to mothers and explain how to avoid  these diseases and protect children from infectious diseases

" Health for Child "          

Educational videos for mothers in Gaza City to give them important information and advices in dealing with their children so as to avoid the spread of infections and serious diseases and protect their children.

These videos will be a short lectures that i will make and present it by myself as  Registered Nurse.
Videos will be configured well to put on the YouTube channel and then displayed on the Facebook page "Health for the child"

While providing a video to give advises to mothers through Facebook

My friends

Your help in any way is acceptable and your donation is necessary to save the lives of thousands of children.

An action plan has been completed

Financial Issues that i need  

Suitable Camera for YouTube videos                720$
Suitable Microphone for YouTube Voice          200$
Special Light                                                      100$
Montage Work                                                    100$
Advertising campaign on Facebook                   200$    

Total Amount                 1320$



" Health for Child " Facebook Page         

" S Nurse karime shabet Facebook personal account

Mobile    00972599632528

Thank you

Baker Shabet

Gaza City, Palestine


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